Short Of Words Or Bursting With Inspiration, Discover If You Have The Gift For Poetry

Now, if you are excited, you may also be short of breath at times. The feelings you get from reading through someone else’s poetry. Poetry is art. It is also science. Throughout history, gifted poets have not only been able to tug at people’s heartstrings or prod their consciences, they have been able to create memorable word pictures on the page through their careful construction of words, phrases and passages.

You would still need to read the lines to appreciate that this is a fine art that you are witnessing. It would be churlish to suggest that you not read between the lines at this stage because that is precisely what those with the gift of words would want. They have been deliberately ambiguous at times, nurturing your thought processes instead of simply and peremptorily allowing you to test your senses to the limit.

Maybe you are one of them; many folks have sat down at their favorite writing table and tried to come up with one or two lines. But all to no avail. It just was not possible for them to come up with their own concrete body of custom made poetry. But glory be! Many others have. They persisted, under the guiding light and heat of the midnight oil of their candles, they never gave up trying. For those of you just getting into the habit of reading poetry, this is a good place to start.

custom made poetry

You can grasp online passages in the meantime and discover and appreciate what others very much like you have put together in words, lines and verses. Pleasingly, you will also note that not everything has to rhyme. Listen to the beat of your heart and go with the flow.

Top 8 Broadway Shows of All Time

They say there’s magic always in the air on Broadway. The undeniable fact of the world’s greatest stage is that it’s influenced everyone. You probably know more show tunes than you can count. Broadway play reviews have shown that nearly all Americans have seen at least one Broadway show in their lifetime, through one medium or another.

Here is a list of the top grossing Broadway shows of all time.

Broadway play reviews

1.    The Phantom of the Opera

This show has been in production since 1988. In 2006, it surpassed Cats as the longest running show. Grossing over $770 million, Phantom takes the number one spot.

2.    The Lion King

This adaptation of the Disney film has been running since 1998. With over 5,000 performances, Lion King as raked in $699.1 million.

3.    Wicked

Telling the story of the Wizard of Oz’s villain, this show has thrust countless stars into the limelight. And it’s only been running since 2003. With a cool $467.6 million in sales so far, it won’t take long for this show to move up the list.

4.    Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s second addition to this list, Beauty and the Beast wowed audiences from 1994-2007. That netted $429.2 million and remains in the top five to this day.

5.    Mamma Mia!

This Abba based rock opera has been on the scene since 2001 and brought home $416.9 million.

6.    Les Miserables (original)

The original production of Les Mis ran from 1987-2003. When they closed their doors, they had made $406.3 million

7.    Chicago (revival)

The revival of this beloved American story has been in production since 1996. They average $78 per ticket and have managed to make $377.4 million during their tenure.

8.    Cats

Love it or hate it, Cats ran from 1982-2000; pulling in $366.4 million.

Do You Want to Learn to Dance?

dance lessons The Woodlands

Learning how to dance can be a big deal. There are a lot of different things that you can do in order to really learn about what is going on and how much fun that it can be. How do you know that you’re learning how to dance in a way that is fun? Are there things that you should be looking for before you do anything else? And how can you be certain that you are having a good time while doing it as well? 

If you are looking for dance lessons The Woodlands, you want to make sure that you go with somewhere that really knows what is going on and how much fun that it can actually be for you. By having fun with the whole thing and finding answers that are great for what you’re doing, you can make sure that you’re getting the best for what you need and that you don’t actually miss out on anything that may come along, either. And that can be fun and give you benefits for everything that you want to try and be able to do with it.

Dancing is great for your body and your soul, so you definitely want to make sure that you’re finding something that makes sense for what you need. Take a look at the types of dancing that are out there and then have a good time finding the one that really connects with you. It can really help you to have a great time and, when all is said and done, you will have a new hobby that is exciting and gets you out and enjoying a fun time with people that you know and those that you have just met at the same time.

Any Wonder Why Big Animals Have Such Small Brains


Millions and millions of years ago, the earth was dominated by dinosaurs. Until one fine volcanic day, a giant rock fell from the sky and obliterated the lot of them. Poof! Gone almost in a flash. These giant creatures were quite defenseless. Because their brains were so small, perhaps, they could never have seen this one coming. How to put it? Was this a no-brainer for them? Because their brains were so small in comparison to the size of their giant torsos, it would, perhaps, be unfair to challenge them with a brain teaser of this magnitude.

But after the dinosaurs’ extinction, the biggest brain in the universe quickly got back to earth. And but again, you could not say that after a few million years, everything went back to normal. New species, flora and fauna, emerged from these magnificent and misunderstood creatures. Today, kids of today may get quite a laugh out of watching so-called dinosaur movies. They will all know that it’s just a big joke.

big brain games

Or will they. Kids seem to be learning a lot less these days. Say what you want, there’s not much of an education to be had in spending late nights up playing video games instead of doing homework. Or are they still getting homework, never mind doing it. Just ask the kids’ parents. Here’s another brain teaser, this time for the parents, a challenge really, hide away those video games and put in its place big brain games.

Or is this asking too much of the parents? Nevertheless, what could be better than stimulating growing brainwaves in helping cognitive thought processes to think on its feet and to think ahead? Otherwise, they may not know when the next big giant rock is coming.

Time For A Swimming Holiday, And Who To Go With

If you remember those days well then boy, you must be glad they are over. Mom, Dad and all the kids with the dog dumped in the back of the station wagon or truck with all the food hampers, toys and goodies. Boy, what a racket and what a crowd! The car has barely left the driveway and mom and dad, would you believe – yes you could – are still arguing over which way to go, which beach or lake would be the nearest, the dearest and the best.

Kids howling in the back and you are reminded of their safety, yours too. By the time you got to a venue, boy were you disappointed. Crowds and pollution of all kinds all over the show. So much for being able to see the fish and birds up close and personal. Those were the days and now today you can. Before you know it, you will know where to swim with manatees and other likeminded nature lovers. Not just nature lovers but real experts on the wild and the oceans.

They’re also responsible folks too, and they know how to take good care of you and the family. They’ve also got the licenses to provide and serve. In other words, you and the kids can learn to snorkel with them. And if you’re more of a relaxing kind of crowd, then you can just sit back and enjoy your drinks and snacks while being taken on a beautiful pleasant cruise around the bay. Going out with Manatees means you are with the in crowd.

Well known online holiday and travel review sites are rating the folks who love nature, know what they are doing and are passionate about sharing their experiences with others.

How to throw a great party

Throwing a party for more than twenty guests at home can seem intimidating, but it can easily be done if you’re prepared.

There are a few basic requirements that are almost always necessary when it comes to throwing a good party. Drinks, music, food, and decorations are all you need to throw a great party.

You can use regular paper decorations, or opt for something like colored ostrich feathers if you really want to impress your guests.

Invite about 15-30 people. You want a group small enough for people to mix with each other. Remember, the attendees will create the atmosphere of the party.

Make simple invitations. You can buy a pack of simple invitations at any local stationery store. Include the date, time, dress code, and RSVP date.

colored ostrich feathers

Have the party in the evening after dinner. Have the party around 7 or 8. This gives people enough time to have drinks and enjoy themselves without the party stretching on too long.

Serve festive drinks if it’s a holiday part. The simplest way to serve festive holiday drinks is to follow a holiday color scheme. For example, if Christmas is celebrated, then make the drinks red and green. Some red drinks serve to include vodka and cranberry juice, strawberry margaritas, daiquiris strawberry and red wine.

The atmosphere of the party is largely dependent on how much fun your guests are having. That’s why you want to invite enough people to mingle around and have fun while also playing upbeat music.

If you make effort to entertain your guests, your party is guaranteed to be a success! When your guests enjoy themselves, you’ll end up enjoying yourself right along with them.

Remember that the most important element of a party is how much fun you’re having!

Learn the Skills of Art Locally

Perhaps your children have begun to express strong interest in the visual and performing arts. Some parents may scoff at this, considering such efforts to be superfluous to academic advancement. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, it has been demonstrated that certain types of music can and do enhance concentration, memory, and focus. Many scientists have worked with such frequencies over decades, enhancing skills over time. In this case, however, you are simply looking for a good music teacher.

Find all the needs for your children’s desires as well as your own. It is never too late to begin learning art. You can start with simple drawing and rendering, the basics of art. Later, if you like the medium, you can progress with your skills and truly become good with all sorts of different artistic media. Find an art academy Ridgefield NJ residents have come to trust as a great learning source for the arts. When you turn to structured, professional programs, success is assured for all the effort put in.

art academy Ridgefield NJ

The journey to becoming the artist that you want to be is a personal journey. At the same time, aspects of expression do reveal themselves through the art and in a way to speak a language all its own. Here, we find the intimate aspect of all kinds of art. The visual arts bring about memories and trigger heightened senses. Musical arts can do much the same, but more so on a physical level.

Many people take it upon themselves to learn a musical instrument. They may even acquire some proficiency with it. After a time, though, it will become clear that many better players are out and about. One has to study and practice diligently to beat the heavy competition now. The digital world has raised the artistic teaching standards.

Check These Locations for Cornhole Bags

Cornhole is an awesomely fun game that guys and gals of all ages enjoy playing. It is competitive, yet still friendly, and can be played any time of the year with as few as two players. But, if you’re playing Cornhole, you need a high-quality board as well as bags. Trust that your bags will be lost, torn, and otherwise damaged and unusable. When you need to replace the bags, you also need to know where to buy cornhole bags.

where to buy cornhole bags

The World Wide Web is the best source of cornhole bags. With a click here and a click there, it is easy to locate high-quality cornhole bags at the best prices. You can compare costs and choices with many providers before spending your money, ensuring that you get the bags that you really want and need. Of course, you can shop for your bags any time that you’d like. The web never closes so this is yet another worry that is eliminated.

Cornhole specialty stores carry the bags that you need to play the game. These stores offer various prices for the bags, so it is a good idea to compare rates if you choose to purchase locally.  However, do not expect a slew of such stores to be around, if you can find one at all. Yes, these stores exist, but they’re not as common as others and you may find it harder than you imagined to find a store.

The web is the best source of bags for your cornhole game. It is easy to shop online anytime, assured of the best selection and the best prices. And, there’s always versatility in your online purchase. Many players take their cornhole bag needs to the web and you should do the same. There are many benefits of such decision!