Any Wonder Why Big Animals Have Such Small Brains


Millions and millions of years ago, the earth was dominated by dinosaurs. Until one fine volcanic day, a giant rock fell from the sky and obliterated the lot of them. Poof! Gone almost in a flash. These giant creatures were quite defenseless. Because their brains were so small, perhaps, they could never have seen this one coming. How to put it? Was this a no-brainer for them? Because their brains were so small in comparison to the size of their giant torsos, it would, perhaps, be unfair to challenge them with a brain teaser of this magnitude.

But after the dinosaurs’ extinction, the biggest brain in the universe quickly got back to earth. And but again, you could not say that after a few million years, everything went back to normal. New species, flora and fauna, emerged from these magnificent and misunderstood creatures. Today, kids of today may get quite a laugh out of watching so-called dinosaur movies. They will all know that it’s just a big joke.

big brain games

Or will they. Kids seem to be learning a lot less these days. Say what you want, there’s not much of an education to be had in spending late nights up playing video games instead of doing homework. Or are they still getting homework, never mind doing it. Just ask the kids’ parents. Here’s another brain teaser, this time for the parents, a challenge really, hide away those video games and put in its place big brain games.

Or is this asking too much of the parents? Nevertheless, what could be better than stimulating growing brainwaves in helping cognitive thought processes to think on its feet and to think ahead? Otherwise, they may not know when the next big giant rock is coming.