Top 8 Broadway Shows of All Time

They say there’s magic always in the air on Broadway. The undeniable fact of the world’s greatest stage is that it’s influenced everyone. You probably know more show tunes than you can count. Broadway play reviews have shown that nearly all Americans have seen at least one Broadway show in their lifetime, through one medium or another.

Here is a list of the top grossing Broadway shows of all time.

Broadway play reviews

1.    The Phantom of the Opera

This show has been in production since 1988. In 2006, it surpassed Cats as the longest running show. Grossing over $770 million, Phantom takes the number one spot.

2.    The Lion King

This adaptation of the Disney film has been running since 1998. With over 5,000 performances, Lion King as raked in $699.1 million.

3.    Wicked

Telling the story of the Wizard of Oz’s villain, this show has thrust countless stars into the limelight. And it’s only been running since 2003. With a cool $467.6 million in sales so far, it won’t take long for this show to move up the list.

4.    Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s second addition to this list, Beauty and the Beast wowed audiences from 1994-2007. That netted $429.2 million and remains in the top five to this day.

5.    Mamma Mia!

This Abba based rock opera has been on the scene since 2001 and brought home $416.9 million.

6.    Les Miserables (original)

The original production of Les Mis ran from 1987-2003. When they closed their doors, they had made $406.3 million

7.    Chicago (revival)

The revival of this beloved American story has been in production since 1996. They average $78 per ticket and have managed to make $377.4 million during their tenure.

8.    Cats

Love it or hate it, Cats ran from 1982-2000; pulling in $366.4 million.