Short Of Words Or Bursting With Inspiration, Discover If You Have The Gift For Poetry

Now, if you are excited, you may also be short of breath at times. The feelings you get from reading through someone else’s poetry. Poetry is art. It is also science. Throughout history, gifted poets have not only been able to tug at people’s heartstrings or prod their consciences, they have been able to create memorable word pictures on the page through their careful construction of words, phrases and passages.

You would still need to read the lines to appreciate that this is a fine art that you are witnessing. It would be churlish to suggest that you not read between the lines at this stage because that is precisely what those with the gift of words would want. They have been deliberately ambiguous at times, nurturing your thought processes instead of simply and peremptorily allowing you to test your senses to the limit.

Maybe you are one of them; many folks have sat down at their favorite writing table and tried to come up with one or two lines. But all to no avail. It just was not possible for them to come up with their own concrete body of custom made poetry. But glory be! Many others have. They persisted, under the guiding light and heat of the midnight oil of their candles, they never gave up trying. For those of you just getting into the habit of reading poetry, this is a good place to start.

custom made poetry

You can grasp online passages in the meantime and discover and appreciate what others very much like you have put together in words, lines and verses. Pleasingly, you will also note that not everything has to rhyme. Listen to the beat of your heart and go with the flow.