Learn the Fun of Salsa

The Salsa is a traditional dance but it actually only fully manifested in the 1970s. With combinations of Mambo, cha-cha-cha, and other dances, this lively dance has boomed since that time and become one of the most popular dances to learn and be capable of performing. It is a fast step dance with most movement originating at the feet, then moving the hips and then into interesting arm movements. Despite the fast pace of 90-160 beats per minute, all moves are conservative and strong rather than flaring and broad.

It is definitely a fantastic dance to learn. Not only does it help your free time pass in a productive way, it is also a perfect exercise that is guaranteed to strengthen, balance, muscle tone, and cardiovascular endurance. Find great salsa classes NYC area to learn the dance and attend some fine classes with people who also may be novices like you and others who are very good at the salsa. These different experience levels help all involved to improve their dancing while helping others.

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Partner up while you are in the classes to learn the way it really should be done. Perhaps you will find a partner you can practice with outside of class. In fact, as you become more experienced, it is a fun idea to go to some salsa dancing events and give your moves a go in public. Don’t be shy even if you are not so good. Everyone on the dance floor is learning and there to help lift the spirit and the energy in the room. This actually enhances dancing attention and technique.

To a large extent, the salsa is about timing and proper techniques used in alignment with balance and poise. This may not seem like much to ask, but it can take the body a good while to learn the muscle memory it takes to coordinate this.